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macchine arcade classici considerazioni di potenza


Classic arcade machines equipment as one of the crowded places, to pay attention to the playground of the classic arcade machines electricity safety, the following are some safety tips:

1, in order to ensure the safety of classic arcade machine electricity, fan, hand drill and other mobile electrical equipment must be installed using leakage protection switch. Leakage protection switch to be often checked, monthly trial jump not less than once, if there is a failure to replace immediately. After fuse or leakage protection switch trip to find out the cause, troubleshooting can restore power.

2, do not use copper wire, aluminum wire, iron wire instead of fuse, air switch immediately after damage to replace, fuse and air switch size must be matched with the capacity of electricity, or easy to cause electric shock or fire.

3. The metal shell of the electrical equipment must be reliably connected with the protection line. Three-core cables shall be used for single-phase electricity and four-core cables for three-phase electricity. Protect reliable connection of protective neutral lines or grounding devices to low-voltage power grids outdoors. The protective neutral wire must be repeatedly grounded.

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